A Network Marketers Vision

A Network Marketers Vision 2012 –

The 2nd  post in the Hold yourself accountable 2012” Series.

It is about having a Successful mindset, about taking action, about Network Marketing, the only industry in the world where you can come from anywhere or nowhere and actually build yourself a successful business in 12 months. I’m here to show you how.

It’s all in your mindset. It’s all up to you, your decision, your actions and your commitment to yourself.

Learn more about the Network Marketing Blueprint MLSP, that got me started building my successful business & reaching financial freedom.

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Hold yourself Accountable 2012

imagesCAHE5GF8 Hold yourself Accountable 2012Hold Yourself Accountable 2012

But Gina it’s April 2012, 4 months has already passed into 2012.

Exactly, 4 months into 2012 and what have you done to show for it, what are you doing to hold yourself accountable 2012?

Let me share with you how I started 2012 and how I make sure to hold myslef accountable to stay on track.

One of the things I do the end of each month is that I go back to check the things I’ve set up to do to make sure I got started and still doing them.

Let’s have a look at January. (My 1st post of 2012)

Hello 2012That’s coming from all my heart… 2012 is my year.

Now you may ask,

How come Gina?

Well, let me tell you.

In this, my first 2012 post, I will reflect on some of my goals I had for 2011, the met ones and the not yet met ones as well.

I will share with you some of my 2012 goals and also strategies for you to set your goals if you haven’t done so yet.

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Dreams & Goals

Dreams & Goals

One of the important aspects of motivation is knowing what we want to achieve, a clear vision.

tradinggoals 300x257 Dreams & Goals Once we have that, we can go through a series of goal-setting steps to state, define and execute our goals.

This first step of knowing what we want is by no means simple.

Try asking your children what they want to achieve. You will get answers ranging from scoring the perfect grades
in their examinations to being famous.

Ask the same of your subordinates and you will hear the usual crap of wanting to bring value to your company.

The point is that these people either state goals that are generally accepted by society or are what they think you would want to hear.

Self-fulfilling prophecy steps in – after repeating these statements several times, they find themselves believing that these are indeed their real dreams & goals.

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