How To Claim Your Expertise

Claim Your Expertise

Welcome back to the 5th and final post in the Unique Personal Branding Series. You have now come to the final step of the process. If you think you’re done, think again, we’ve just got started.

I will let you in on a little marketing secret of mine. If you lack the exposure and the right kind of public relations you should have, the time has come to start claiming your expertise, time to show the world the expert you are.

I’m not talking about “Fake it until you make it” It’s simply showing you how you become the go to expert, and most of all, how to be found. Ever considered how people get picked for interviews, how news channels find the experts of specific segments to be on their show?

They search the internet. Back in the days, they use to use books to hunt down the experts, but does days are long gone. The majority of searches for experts is done on the internet, Isn’t that what you do, search the internet when you’re looking for expert advice?

5 basic step how you Claim Your Expertise

Let’s look at the 5 steps that will make you achieve the expert level you deserve and desire to get the recognition you’ve been working so hard to get.

  • Step #1 – Prove your pointimagesCALJKQ6J 300x162 How To Claim Your Expertise

You need to walk the talk, don’t just say you’re an expert; Prove it. What quality articles have you written and shared?  What success stories do you have to share? How about quotes on your abilities by associates, clients or even mentors?

Bottom line; your expertise are as strong as your online exposure, contribution and presence.

  • Step #2 – Put Yourself out there

Publish quality articles covering relevant topics on relevant industry sites. Interact, communicate, engage, connect and contribute on industry forums, answer questions.  Upfront, It takes effort and some hard work. You might even have an article rejected here and there before you get it right – That should not stop you. Get a copywriter, write down your thoughts, hand them over and let them do the composition and grammar work.

(A friendly word of advice..If you even consider to quite within 6 month, then don’t even bother to start)

If you don’t own a website with your own name as the domain – figure out how to get it. If that is impossible, you might want to consider changing your name icon wink How To Claim Your Expertise just kidding. No, seriously, you do want to have your online domain whether it’s your company name or a creative marketing name, it’s important to have a name that people will remember.

  • Step #3 – Network Online

Online Social networks are popular, and they are not just for kids anymore. Creating a profile showcasing your expertise and your knowledge as well as your network of contacts is a great way to prove your point, put yourself out there and expand your network of connections. If you are not using social networks to it’s full potential, you are missing out on opportunities and exposure.

  • Step #4 – Google search Yourself

Did you find yourself? No?! it’s time to learn more about SEO search engine optimization or hire a SEO expert. If you could not find yourself – how do you expect others seeking your expertise to find you?!

(A friendly word of advice.. don’t simply search by your name, search by keywords relevant to your expertise that you want to be related to)

Make sure that the results you find when you search yourself on google are not inappropriate. Remember that the internet is an open book, what you post online stays online.

  • Step #5 – Stay above industry Trends

The time has come to walk the talk. Now that you have put yourself out there as an expert, it is time to do what you talk about. Staying on top of the industry means being among the first if not the first to write and share about what’s going on. Don’t be afraid of making your voice heard, share your opinion. To be and stay an expert you must be ahead of the game and even dare to set some trends.

Bottom line; Nap time is over, your expertise is as strong as your online exposure, contribution and presence.

It’s time for you to Claim Your Expertise…GET TO ACTION NOW!!imagesCAQPX9T1 How To Claim Your Expertise

Want to kick start your Online Exposure?

Want to be guided how to contribute with Quality Articles?

Want to have a mentor to maintain your Online Presence?

Want to Stay Ahead and Master the Game?


“When One Teaches, Two Learn”




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7 comments on “How To Claim Your Expertise

  1. This was a great series on personal branding, Gina. You provided real world tips that anyone can follow to help build their brand and business online. Great stuff!

    • Thank you Steve, I’m glad you liked my series. Yes I think my readers can find some tip to help them build their brand and become leaders in the industry.

  2. Great information here Gina. It’s great to see such passion and expression in your writing.

    I look forward to learning more about your creative wriitng abilities!:)


    • Hi Greg.
      Thank you for your very nice comment, Yes, passion for what I do is very important to me, and I think that in our industry, passion is a must ;-) I’ts a lifestyle.

    • Hi Deron.
      Thanks for your supportive comment, I’m glad you like my blog.
      Fake it Till you Make It…migh have been a TV show ;-) if so, then it must have been a great show ;-)

      Look forward to welcome you back

  3. Hey Gina, I really like the first step- “walk the talk” once you have learnt, you need to go out there and start sharing your knowledge so that you are gaining more authority. Thanks for sharing!

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